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I'm old school, so i remember the days of RandMcNally Maps, pagers and parking lots with batteries of pay phones, and ripping out yellow pages at night in the motel room to get business leads. ...working trade shows and having prospects fill out paper forms to win a trinket (some type of lead magnet - free demo, free sample, free trial, etc) so i would have a stack of leads to call.

All of that worked pretty well, still does for some. But the internet changed everything. Now we can do targeted searches to find exactly what - or who - we are looking for!

One of the ways I would get my biggest spending longest term clients was from Google Places, these are Verified Google Businesses that I would find by doing google searches for doctors in some target niche in some target location. I would then basically spend hours of time time copying and pasting all their information into a massive spreadsheet. 

I'd then go through all that data and search the web for their email address. Once I had this huge list of data I'd then start my cold outbound sales process. Now I'd spend 4-6 hours a day doing this, but after sometime and after perfecting my sales process I was able to get strong closing rates and be a sales superstar. Luckily I had a strong margins so I was making bank, but I was spending a huge amount of time finding and getting all the data. 

Since I was getting results but spending so much of my time just doing a repetitive boring task of collecting data I decided to buy a software to automate much of this process for me. The software was using the Google Places API, back when I bought the software the Google Places API was free (now they charge for it, more on that later). 

This worked great for a while. I was able to grow by using software and pretty much the same process for lead generation, after all, these are all verified businesses listed on Google Places. But then shit hit the fan. 

The same data I was getting for FREE, Google now started charging for. They also started limited the amount of results you'd get from their api search. To give you an example. I'd search functional medicine practitioners in NYC and I used to get back 300+ results for free, after google implemented their changes I'd only get back 100 results and it would cost $70-$125 for that same search. I was getting way less results and now we were getting charged for the data. I knew of other users of this software freaking out because they got a $10,000 or $20,000 and even $47,000 bill from Google for their data services. 

So I said F that....and started searching for a new solution where I could go back to getting the same amount of leads I used to get but without the data charges. That is exactly why I had LEAD MONSTER created. 

With LEAD MONSTER you will be able to get 100% of the search results from Google Places without having to pay the huge data costs Google now charges for that data. Now I know people who have now saved over $50,000 just by switching. That's how much they saved, imagine how much they have made!

I've priced this software at a very affordable price that allows my developers to also fully support it and keep it up to date so that you can actually rely on it. 

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